Edith CoronEdith Coron is a global leadership coach (ACC-ICF) and intercultural communication specialist based in Beijing, China. She is the founder and executive director of EOC-Intercultural Ltd.

She brings broad international experience to her practice, which she anchors in her respect for the challenges that executives face. She is committed to each of her clients for the achievement of their goals, the enhancement of their performance, and the identification and optimal use of their opportunities for growth.

She provides a wide range of international corporations with coaching services and training programs in Executive Coaching, Global Leadership Competencies, Women in Leadership, Intercultural Awareness, Multicultural Team Building, Multiculturalism and Globalisation and International Mobility Training.

She also lectures often to corporate, non-profit and academic audiences.

She has worked extensively with companies specializing in IT, manufacturing, telecommunications and distribution. She has long experience and broad understanding of the wine and food industry, the military, NGOs, and international organizations.

As editorial manager of a European web site, she has applied her skills to the management of an international team and to adapting content to different audiences in six different countries.

She has an insider’s knowledge of the media. As a foreign correspondent for major media, she observed and explained other cultures to Europeans and North Americans from four continents over 20 years.

Author of a book on Russian Jewish immigration to Israel, she has looked into the individual dimension of a massive wave of immigration as well as its cultural and geopolitical consequences.

She offers a unique blend of expertise in international business, world cultures, foreign affairs, and geopolitics. She combines her experience as an intercultural coach and her journalistic know-how with an enduring passion for bringing people together and enhancing their effectiveness.

For her, “interculturalism” is a way of life, both professionally and personally. With her English husband whom she met in Central America, she has brought up their two sons in Israel, Russia, France and now China. She has lived abroad as long as she has lived in her native France.  

A global nomad by choice, Edith Coron has lived and worked in China,  the USA, the United Kingdom, Latin America (Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay), Western Africa (Burkina Faso, Senegal, Mali, Gambia), North Africa (Algeria, Western Sahara), Israel, Russia and France.

A former actress and professional broadcaster, Edith Coron is a natural and talented communicator. She coaches, trains and lectures in English, French and Spanish. She also speaks Russian and some Mandarin.