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ExpertiseEOC INTERCULTURAL offers its services in Asia, Europe, North and South America.
We partner, when needed, with leading professionals in their fields whose complementary skills (geographical or technical) ensure the high quality of our services.



Virtual team development

A by-product of globalization, virtual team collaboration is now a reality in multinational companies. For strategic and economic reasons most MNC’s rely on global teams to gain a competitive advantage, and to enhance productivity and innovation.

Intercultural virtual teams, however, are fraught with difficulties. Not only are they using remote communication technology to work together; they also have to contend with the problems inherent in communicating between multiple regional and corporate cultures and individual styles.

Members of intercultural virtual teams struggle to understand each other, to develop a sense of common purpose and to build trust among themselves.

Assigning responsibilities to competent people around the globe is not enough; building a successful virtual team is a project in itself. The team leader needs to be strongly focused on the development of his team and the team itself on enhancing the collaboration between its members.

Traditional training fails to address the complexity of the challenges these teams and their leaders face.

We offer live coaching in real conditions to global team leaders and their teams.

These programs can be delivered in Europe, Asia and the USA.

From manager to coach: Transforming a trend into a skill

Nearly nine out of ten firms expect their managers to deliver coaching as part of their day-to-day work.The vast majority of employers believe coaching can deliver tangible benefits to both individuals and organizations. Most employers plan to increase the use of coaching over the next few years.

Coaching provided by a manager or a supervisor is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace, as the value of sustainable on-the-job learning is recognized. Line managers, however, need up-to-date Manager-as-Coach skills to be able to deliver real benefits, and employers need to ensure that their managers have these skills.

Coaching is only effective if managers understand the coaching process and their role within the process and if they can demonstrate the skills associated with effective coaching.

We offer a program to develop the manager as a coach.