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ImageWe partner, when needed, with leading professionals in their fields whose complementary skills (geographical or technical) ensure the high quality of our services.




Nancy Bragard (France/USA)


Edith Coron and Nancy Bragard have been partners for the last 5 years on several assignments in Europe and in Asia.

Nancy grew up in New England, spent a year in Germany at age 14, and taught English in Togo for a year after university. A resident of France for over twenty years, she is linguistically and culturally bi-national. She is a certified MBTI practitioner, trained in Voice Dialogue coaching and licensed to coach with the International Profiler.

Addressing soft skills in today’s particularly hard environment, Nancy looks to co-create with clients tailored services that empower the workforce and, with participative approaches, draw from them the collective intelligence of the organization. The overriding mission is employee motivation to enhance personal and professional development, optimizing for global companies the full potential of their international workforce.

Dr. Ying Ying Liu (China)

Edith Coron and Dr. Liu have been partners for the last 3 years on long-term projects in China.

Dr. Liu specializes in global cultural diversity and intercultural management development training with corporations doing business in Asia as well as coaching, consulting, and facilitation to both Western and Asian executives.  Born and raised in China, received her masters and doctorate degrees in the US.  She then taught in the US at the university level for six years.  Dr. Liu provides multicultural insight into working, negotiating, and communicating between Asian and Western business people.

She assists clients in building multicultural work teams, developing intercultural leadership skills, facilitating the integration of Western and Asian business practices, and leadership and communication styles.

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