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Edith Coron
Author of a book on Russian Jewish immigration to Israel

  • Authored a book, “Le Dernier Exode” that looked into a historic intercultural encounter: the massive Russian Jewish immigration to Israel of the early 1990’s (Editions Francois Bourin, Paris 1993 and Forlaget Exodus, Oslo 1993).

                       Book on Russian Jewish immigration to Israel    a book on Russian Jewish immigration to Israel


Featured in award winning documentaries by Canadian director Peter Raymont, The World Is Watching" and “The World Stopped Watching”, two films about international media coverage of Central America.

                       The world is watching


Journalist, Bureau Chief, The European (U.K), Paris (1998- 1999)

  • Explained and analysed France for European readers in English.

Foreign correspondent, Moscow, Russia (1994-1997)

  • Observed and explained the political, economic and social transformations wracking post-Soviet Russia to Western audiences after the end of the Cold War.
  • Reported in French for the leading national radio station ‘Europe 1’ and in English for ‘The Christian Science Monitor’ and ‘Scotland on Sunday’.

Freelance journalist, Jerusalem, Israel (1991-1994)
  • Reported on one of the world’s most culturally complex conflicts for culturally diverse audiences and for varied media: Radio/TV Suisse (Switzerland), American newspapers (‘The Christian Science Monitor’, ‘Newsday’) and the Portuguese weekly magazine ‘Expresso’.
"Le Monde" and "Radio France Internationale" correspondent, Buenos Aires, Argentina (1988-1990)
  • Witnessed and analysed the political and economic changes that followed the departure of military dictators throughout South America for France’s most prestigious newspaper.

War correspondent, Central America (1984-1988)
  • Reported on insurgencies, revolutions and natural disasters in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama and Guatemala for ‘Radio France Internationale’, and for the French daily newspaper ‘Libération’.
  • Explained the impact of geopolitics and catastrophes on individuals’ lives.

Freelance reporter in West Africa, North Africa and Great Britain (1982-1984)
  • Reported mainly on development, refugee and social issues.
  • Contributed to ‘Radio France Internationale’ and to ‘Radio Canada’.

MA Journalism program, University of Columbia, Mo., USA (1981-1982)